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Hip Positioners

De Mayo Hip Positioner

  • Easily supports large and obese patients

  • Eliminates pressure on patient’s abdomen.

  • Is nurse-friendly, making patient lifting unnecessary during positioning.

  • Cross arm swings away for maximum surgical exposure

Universal Lateral Positioner System.jpg

Universal Lateral Positioner® System

Latest Generation of the McGuire Pelvic Postioner, which was IMP’s Original Lateral Positioner for THA.

  • The McGuire was one of the first hip positioners with over 25 years of clinical success

  • Removable and independently adjustable anterior arms allow more accurate contact with the iliac crests and accommodate all patient anatomies.

  • Provides stable, lateral decubitus positioning.

  • Creates a reproducible point of reference for primary and revision arthroplasty.

  • Patented hyperflexion plate allows up to 120° of flexion during ROM testing

MorphBoard® Patient Positioning System

A Modular pegboard system for stable patient positioning in the lateral decubitus or supine position.

  • Modular components allow simple conversion for obese patient support on any O.R. table.

  • Multiple peg lengths provide greater versatility and more secure fit

  • Foam pads and sleeves protect patient from cross-contamination

MorphBoard Positioning System.jpg
De Mayo Expand-A-Peg Locking Peg.jpg

De Mayo Expand-A-Peg® Locking Peg

The New Gold Saftey Standard in Pegboard Positioning

  • Prevents the possibility of loosening and any motion of the peg intra operatively by locking securely in the pegboard hole

  • Locks in the hole of the pegboard with an easy twist locking design

  • Designed for the MorphBoard® Positioning System and other surgical pegboards.

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