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Positioning Aids

Universal Steri-Bump

  • Holds and elevates patient’s extremities in the sterile field.

  • Always the same size

  • Replaces need to bundle sterile towels.

  • Sterile, latex-free foam

Lap Wrap.jpg


  • Secures patient’s arm with openings for IV tubes and monitor leads.

  • Acts as a warming blanket.

  • Protects neurological and vascular structures of the patient’s arms.

  • Designed to fit all size patients.

  • Single use avoids potential for cross contamination.

Hip Abduction Pillows

  • Assures greater patient comfort and easier nursing care after hip surgery

  • Unique convoluted foam design for greater comfort

  • Universal model accommodates most patients at a competitive price

abduction pillows_edited.jpg
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